VAR Voice



Offer your customers the advanced voice features including:

Business Features

  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
  • Auto attendant for dial-by-name, extension and company directory
  • Custom Auto-Attendant messages to promote new and existing products or services
  • Ring groups
  • Conference bridge
  • Music/message on hold
  • Custom music/message on hold to promote new and existing products or services
  • Extension dialing • Keep existing business, toll-free, and fax numbers

User Features

  • Direct number (DID)
  • Business-class voicemail
  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Intercom
  • Call forward/Call transfer/Call waiting
  • 3-way conferencing • Enhanced 911 (E911)
  • Caller ID/caller name display
  • Online User-dashboard
  • Call log
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)

End-to-End Solutions

VAR Voice is a turnkey, cloud-based VoIP platform on which companies are able to build and brand advanced business VoIP solutions to begin generating revenue in as few as 90 days. VAR Voice offers companies the ability to easily build their own VoIP offering while maintaining complete control over the new operation and end users.

Implementation Options

In addition to the most robust cloud-based platform for powering business VoIP solutions, Absolute Voice has two implementation options to ensure our partners are able to create a VoIP offering that aligns with their business model.

White Label

Using a set of administration tools included in the Absolute Voice platform, partners can create their own branded VoIP solution that operates using Absolute Voice’s network connectivity and infrastructure. The Communication Provider simply brands their solution and begins generating revenue within their customer base and from new clients almost immediately.

Network Integration

The Network Integration option involves the integration of the Communication Provider’s network with Absolute Voice’s cloud-based hosted PBX functionality. Through this integration Communication Provider is able to leverage their network resources as the infrastructure behind their solution.

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